Due to the recent changes, we understand you might have questions.


+ Will my gift card work on the new website?

Your gift card will be valid on the new website.


+ If I received a discount code under Endless Lust, will I still be able to use it under Evii Shop?

You will still be able to use any discount code you received from Endless Lust that is still valid and has not expired under Evii Shop. 


+ Am I able to make returns for items I bought under Endless Lust?

Evii Shop will accept returns for items you bought from Endless Lust. Please refer to our return policy for more details.


+ If I am on a waitlist, does that mean the waitlist is gone with this new change?

No, the waitlist will transfer over and continue as is.


+ Will the rewards program transfer over?

Yes, the rewards will transfer over and you will be able to redeem your rewards on Evii Shop.