About us

The Start

We started this journey in 2016 on our college porch selling a couple of items to some friends. Since then we have grow into a brand where you can buy comfy, cute, and ever-changing styles.

Join us in wearing your #eviiwear everywhere 



Fast fashion is the cause of hundreds and thousands tons of waste and pollution worldwide. We have committed ourselves to find ways to run our business while reducing our carbon footprint on the world. This is a process that will take years, but we are committed to becoming as green as possible within the upcoming years. 

Some steps we have already taken: 

  • Most orders are shipped in compostable and reusable bags
  • No more packing slips in an effort to reduce paper waste
  • No more hang tags 
  • We have stopped producing custom made packaging and will be shipping items in the original poly plastic bags.



We feel very connected to our community and the way it has impacted our lives. This is why we will be donating 2% of all net proceeds to Hogar El Pequeño Joshua which offers services to the children of patients in La Perla de Gran Precio in Hato Rey Puerto Rico. 

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